Two years and counting

vianden castle luxembourgToday marks two full years with this sweet German goofball, even though it feels like a lot longer. And since I promised not to write something too personal and mushy or to include all 65 pictures that I wanted to, I got the green light from Felix to share a little bit.

If you’ve followed along with the blog, you know that we met during a semester abroad in Istanbul. Felix was the loud German, a beer pong champion and completely shy around me. I was the quiet-turned-loud American girl that asked him out to dinner – a complete 360 from pre-Istanbul Caitlin. Dinner was an event; I talked nonstop, we ate lounging on a chaise, and I ordered more food than is appropriate on a date.

As weird as it sounds, that was the beginning of an always-eventful two years with Felix. Whether we’re stuck in Istanbul’s WiFi-less airport for nine hours, stupidly buying a fishbowl drink priced by the ounce, “hiking” up a cliff in Luxembourg, burning on the beaches of Florida, or binge-watching Criminal Minds on the couch, Felix makes everything fun.

He’s the sense of direction, the logic, a ray of sunshine, and the levelheaded one to my complete opposite-ness. Arsch auf Eimer. I can’t wait for this guy’s visit! And for fear of being too mushy and sharing something too personal, I’ll let Felix do some of the talking.

two dozen roses

24 roses for 24 months

his first trip to the US - Chapel Hill's Old Wellcrazy, crazy germanSum up the last two years.

F: The last two years have been an amazing ride with ups and downs and storms, but we always shuffled our way through it and that makes every other moment even more special. And don’t even get me started with all the awesome things we did together.

C: Aw that’s the sweetest. I ran into my aunt last night – we’re invited to dinner when you get here by the way – and I was trying to explain that all the hard parts of the last couple of years, the long distance, goodbyes, and moving in together, have made now that much better. Completely true.

What’s your favorite moment from the last two years?

F: There are so many super good moments in the last two years that would probably fill a whole page… I’m thinking. I could sum it up and say that the best and worst moments were definitely at airports.

C: We have definitely spent a weird amount of time in airports, true. When I think of  airports though I think of tears, lost iPhones, and Sabiha Gökçen, but I guess there are lots of happy tears and reunions for us there, too. What are your airport memories?

F: To Miami (six hour delay, boarded plane, canceled flight, comped hotel room) or Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen to Israel (ten hour delay). I don’t even want to know how many hours of my life I’ve spent at airports waiting. Your first welcome with that sign is a good airport memory! (Felix is hands down the guy to have with you if you’ve got a long layover; he makes it fun and bearable, plus he’ll listen to your complaining)

elspe schützenfest in small town germany photo by grandma on the farm in virginiamud-pictures-from-the-dead-sea
What was your first impression of me?

F: A fun, sweet American girl…who’s pretty much drunk all the time.

C: FELIX! Really?

F: A little bit yes. Is that a bad thing? Maybe the drunk part was a little bit of a lie.

C: I blame Istanbul! I want to clarify for everyone that when we first met, we only saw each other when we were going out to dance in Taksim. I was not drunk all the time; it just looked that way to you!

F: Just on Istanbul?

C: Yes, Istanbul aged us and now we’re little old people that want to be in bed by 11:30.south beach miami, florida

schloss sansousci potsdam, germany

What’s the weirdest thing we have in common?

F: We’re both from a really, really small town even though they’re a few thousand miles apart. And we met in one of the biggest and messiest cities on the planet.

C: I hadn’t thought of that, it is pretty weird how similar little Wakefield and really little Burbecke are. And the small-town kids met in Istanbul. I always love when people ask if I met you when I moved to Germany and I get to say “no, we met in Istanbul”. Haha, we’re so international.

On a scale of 1-10 how awesome is Caitlin?

F: 12. As simple as that. It doesn’t fit on any scale.


I can’t wait until Felix gets here on the 9th! What are you looking forward to this week?


8 thoughts on “Two years and counting

      • Ha, I feel the opposite. Whenever someone asks how long my boyfriend and I have been together, and I answer 4 years, I am always thinking “Is it really 4 years?! Damn, that’s a long time…”


      • I think it’s because I feel like so much has happened since the spring 2013 and I can’t believe all of it fits into just two years.. But four years is a long time for anything so I can definitely see how you feel that way ha.


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