im Rückblick | January 2015

January was supposed to be my month of planning, for getting the year on track. And It absolutely was. There was more planning than I know what to do with. And despite all the planning, there’s still no clear plan. I know I want to be in Berlin for graduate school in October, but from now until then I have no idea what the best move is. Keep the status quo? Move home to work a steady job? Move to Frankfurt? I remember why I hated planning.

On top of this headache, the month has felt really busy with more teaching, more time out and about, and more time job searching. I actually can’t believe January is over. On the brightest side, Blacklist comes back on tonight!

  • Mailbox full of Christmas cards. Christmas in the Sauerland was beyond great. But returning home to a bunch of Christmas cards from my family was definitely the cherry on top.
  • Winter walks. Marburg weather is rain. You learn to get used to rolling out of bed on gray mornings, forcing yourself outside at least once, and being less productive than you’d like because there’s no escape. But apparently, January was a month of miracles because we had had a surprising number of snowy days in the last few weeks. Even if it doesn’t stick around very long, I love taking walks around the snow-covered Oberstadt. I will find reasons to leave the house for snow. If you think the Oberstadt is pretty in the rain, you’ve got to visit while it’s snowing.
  • Soaking up the sun. Marburg is just full of surprises this month. Not only did we get snow, but there were some sunny days, too. I’ve become slightly worried that I’m vitamin D deficient after living in Marburg through the winter, so I’ve learned to make the most of any sunshine opportunity.
  • Developing good habits. 2015 is supposed to be my year of focus. I’m notorious for starting things, losing interest, and forgetting all about them until weeks later. That’s why my goal for this year I actually want to finish everything I start, which is why my goal was to develop habits not make resolutions. Reading and writing daily, running more, making a long term plan. January was surprisingly successful. I’m almost done with the book I’ve been working on, ran way more than usual in the last couple weeks, and my journal is closing in on its last 10 pages.
  • Stepping up my English teaching game. I went from conversation partner to tutor and now teacher. I’ve never taught anything before, let alone a language, and I suffer from the unfortunate curse of remembering absolutely nothing from when I learned English. So I’m drowning in lesson plans and relearning my grammar…
  • An American friend! Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts and this blog post I now have someone to miss home (and Target!) and swap expat stories with. We finally got to meet up after I got back from the Sauerland and it is insane how similar our stories are.
  • I found the Hexe Turm! It’s actually really easy to find. I’m not sure why it took me this long..This has been a goal since November when I pledged to do whatever it takes to beat homesickness.
  • F’s Birthday + a roommate’s birthday = a crazy WG. Birthday pancakes, coffees, cake and Coronas, Montepulciano and a steak – I believe the first one since moving here. I’d call it a successful beginning to his “MJ” year.

christmas cards

favorite alleyway in marburg oberstadtexploring marburg.pnghexe turmsecret hike to marburger schlossje suis charlielast traces of weihnachtsmarktreading spot in schlossparksunny german weather

snow in marburgsnowy oberstadt walksecond birthday cake

birthday dinner for Fsnowy university churchbirthday bier and kuchen



4 thoughts on “im Rückblick | January 2015

  1. That’s great that you’re teaching now! And I’m glad you can relate to your new friend in town!! I’ve hung out with the other au pair here a few times. She’s Italian and here for completely different reasons than me so our differences are sometimes painfully apparent. But it’s nice to have someone around anyways!


  2. Haha – I am inclined to wonder if being in Germany hasn’t also further cultivated any tendencies to plan. Where/what are you applying for in Berlin? I’m in my second semester at the Hertie School in Mitte, it would be cool to meet another American expat blogger if you come around anytime 🙂

    belle + compass


    • Sorry I’ve been so slow. It’s been a weird month. 🙂

      Well I think I’m going to apply to Hertie – just waiting to hear back from recommendation writers – and then Freie University and then two Hochschüle – one for European integration and one for journalism. I studied political science so I’m looking to continue in that direction. What was your experience with the application process? Quick and easy or not? And I can’t wait until Berlin and I would love to meet you!!


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