It’s moving time!

Hi everyone,

I know things may have seemed a little quiet around here, but I promise I’ve been busy trying to follow through with my list of things to accomplish this year. Twelve days in so far, so good. I’m reading more, writing more and, most importantly, I started thinking about the next steps for this blog. I want this space to be great. I want versatile content and great writing. For it to be relatable, funny, helpful, and inspirational but still 100% true to me.

These are my goals for this space in 2015.

And after a lot of thinking/planning/soul-searching, I decided that making the move to self-hosting was the logical place to begin. So with that said, this is the last post on this site. But fear not because you can now find it at

Not too much has changed. I liked the direction I was headed but wanted a little more freedom and room to grow. So other than looking a little different, my new site is going to pick up where this one leaves off. Same name, same direction, same focus on content. I’m still an expat living in Germany, trying to adjust, learn German, and figure out my next move. That won’t change anytime soon. I’m just hoping to find a little more of hat dedication I was talking about in my last post.

I’m still figuring everything out as I go so I’m sure this isn’t the final, final site, but it is launched and I’m ready to go. So again, this is the last new post on To read more of my expat story you’ll have to follow along at (*If you’re a subscriber, you won’t receive any more e-mail updates unless you sign up through my new blog.)

Come on over to the new site! I hope to see you there.


3 thoughts on “It’s moving time!

    • Thanks Alice! It’s more work than I anticipated.. I hope you had awesome adventures both in Paris and in Spain. I miss you too!! – we need to catch up soon!


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