Here’s to 2015

One full week into 2015 and somehow I already feel a little behind. How is that possible? But now that we’re back in Marburg, the holiday is officially over and it’s time to get to work on everything I want to accomplish this year.

lake biggesee winter walk in sauerland germany

One of my many winter walks around the Biggesee in Olpe, Germany.

After finally shaking off the remnants of another fun yet debilitating small-town New Year’s celebration, my week was full of thinking, planning, and winter walks. The conclusion: 2015 has the potential to be even better than 2014. It’s going to be another year of growing, but this time I’ll have a better plan and better focus. And 2015 is definitely going to push me further outside my comfort zone. Grad school, writing professionally, being devoted to this blog, finding a job.

Everything comes down to dedication and focus.

I’m really, really bad at multitasking. Master to-do list maker, yes. And I find it fairly easy to start something (half the battle, right?). But 9 times out of 10 I’d be embarrassed to show you how many items are still on my list at the end of a day. The sole reason is a lack of focus. I have a tendency to bounce back-and-forth between the things I’m working on, whether I don’t have time for this, or that’s too difficult or I’m more interested in that other thing right now. It’s an unbelievably frustrating tendency.

That’s why my words for 2015 are dedication and focus.

Resolutions don’t work for me – the unfinished lists in my journal speak for themselves. So this year, I’m focusing on creating habits instead. Hopefully, they’re a little more flexible and a lot more attainable.

– Become serious about my blog. Beginning with this blog! I’m currently making changes to really take this space to the next level. Don’t expect anything fancy from me, but I am aiming for more consistency/routine more planning and experimenting more with my writing. Hopefully, my new site can be up-and-running in the next week.

-Journaling daily. I’ve actually been doing this since November, but I absolutely want to continue it through 2015.

-Running more often. Yes, I’d love to run a marathon some day, but right now I’d just like to get back into my old, four-days-a-week running routine. Baby steps first… Hopefully, this will feel easier once the weather in Marburg stops being so gloomy.

-Be an early riser. I’m so bad at this it’s embarrassing. I’m determined the early morning is my most productive time of the day and I just don’t know it yet.

-Read more often and more broadly. I want to spend my free time reading, for fun and for the benefit of my writing. I want to explore new genres, topics, and styles. I may read 30 books or just 12 books, but I want to get in the habit of picking up a book and not browsing Netflix. Hopefully, this is something the crummy weather is good for.

-Writing creatively. Ever since studying creative writing for the first time in high school I’ve had the idea of writing a book of short, non-fiction stories about my life and experiences. Even though I’m still growing into my life, I’ve got a lot of experiences to start toying around with.

-Writing professionally. At the same time, I’d love to publish something whether it’s a piece of creative writing, a travel story, or a political research paper. This would also lend itself to helping me pursue a career in journalism/ getting into grad school.

-Stay in touch with friends and family. You’d think staying in touch would be simple in this era of Facebook, but I’m notoriously bad about it. I’ve got so many awesome people in my life, so this is a huge priority for me. Bonus points if I send letters!

Ultimately 2015 is about creating an even more awesome (and permanent) German life and saying adios to this month-to-month living. In a perfect world, I find a job – something beneficial to a future career or that I enjoy doing – or get into an awesome Master’s program. But one thing at a time.

 What are your plans or resolutions for this new year?


4 thoughts on “Here’s to 2015

  1. I want to become more of an early riser, too. Such a struggle for me.

    Sounds like this will be an awesome year for you! Looking forward to reading along 🙂


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