Welcoming Weihnachtszeit in Marburg

Marburg B(u)y Night (69)-2

Weihnachtszeit is upon us in Germany. Lights are up, lines at the Glühwein stands are long, and boots all over Germany were stuffed with chocolates and gifts from Saint Nicholas on Saturday. It’s official.

Delivery from Sankt Nikolaus

Delivery from Sankt Nikolaus

Christmastime everywhere is magical, but Germany really seems to know how to do the season well. In Marburg, it’s been impossible to miss the Christmas spirit. We’ve been in full-on countdown since the little, wooden stalls popped up around the town squares and the advent calendars appeared on store shelves.

Immediately following a successful and exhausting Thanksgiving dinner in Germany, Christmastime kicked off in spectacular fashion with the opening of the Weihnachtsmärkte and the annual Marburg B(u)y Night celebration. On the last Friday of November, the city is allowed to stay awake until midnight. Stores in the Oberstadt are allowed to remain open past their normal 6 pm closing time. There are concerts scheduled all across the city and the most famous Marburg landmarks are the focal points of light shows.

After quickly abandoning my original (overly ambitious) plan to do and see everything, F and I mapped a course and made our round of the city: first, Elizabeth Church and it’s Christmas market; next, the tale-end of the opening ceremony at the university and games; the Lutheran Church and its choral concert; finally, Glühwein in the Oberstadt. As someone with an obsessional love for a hot mug of mulled wine and the Käsewurst, I was pretty sure what the highlight of my night was going to be. So I was pretty surprised when I found myself tired of standing in a crowd around the Glühwein stand and wishing I could experience more of the lights and music of the Lutheran concert.

Marburg B(u)y Night (4)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (7)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (20)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (10)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (26)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (31)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (33)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (45)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (47)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (60)-2

Marburg B(u)y Night (65)-2How do you kick off Christmastime where you’re at?



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