Marburg’s Oberstadt, a rainy day introduction

I took the first right instead of the second and that’s how I once again ended up climbing the stairs to the Oberstadt. Unaffected by the rain, the Oberstadt manages to look magical despite the wet, grey skies – a trait I’ve begun to notice that a lot of Germany has mastered. If you only had time to see one thing in Marburg, I’d recommend a walk through the Oberstadt every time. 

To me as an American, everything in Germany seems really old. But here there’s a spectrum, from old to oldest. Except for the castle, parts of the Oberstadt are about as old as it gets in Marburg – think Holy Roman Emperors and Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. Caught between the castle and the Lahn, the Oberstadt sits on the hill overlooking the rest of the city. It’s quintessentially German, a tangle of crooked streets, Fachwerkhäuser – the timber-framed houses you see all across Germany – quirky cafes and as assortment of shops and boutiques.

Nine times out of ten I spend my afternoon Spaziergang wandering here and I still haven’t explored it completely. And when I say wandering I mean it as the opposite of navigating… Because honestly, it’s confusing and I probably couldn’t find the same spot twice if you paid me. That’s definitely part of its charm. There’s always an unexpected side street, alleyway, or staircase to explore. That’s what I did on this particular afternoon; I took a street only if it was deserted and I had no idea where I’d end up (bonus: deserted streets = endless picture-taking opportunities!). Here are the lovely places I found.

Oberstadt Streets

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Sreets winding through the Oberstadt

Lutheran Church Courtyard


view of the Oberstadt from above at the Lutheran Church

House in the Oberstadt

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Fachwerk Windows

Market Square from an Alleyway

Fachwerk houses

Ornate Houses 2

What’s the most magical spot in your own city?


3 thoughts on “Marburg’s Oberstadt, a rainy day introduction

  1. Oh you found some gorgeous places! I need to do this around Frankfurt some more. I used to do it when we first moved here but now it’s been 1.5 years I have gotten way too comfortable with my surroundings. I bet there are loads of places I’ve yet to explore!


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