October im Rückblick

October was cozy. It was more than the 5 o’clock sunsets, constant heater usage, hot chocolate, and fuzzy socks. Remember that settled feeling I was beginning to experience last month? Well it carried over into October- for the most part. Of course there were some exciting October moments, but honestly, I’m just as excited about how comfortable and normal everything feels now.

  • Happy Birthday to me! I was pretty worried that I would feel a little homesick spending my birthday away from my friends and family, but that definitely wasn’t the case. Thank you to my German family and friends for making my birthday so fun and special! Caitlin-1, Homesickness-0!
  • Oktoberfest Fest. Translation: I finally wore my dirndl!
  • I caught up with the coolest clique of cows on this side of the Rhine. Seriously these ladies were fabulous! A little headstrong and definitely not lacking in personality.
  • Alice, one of my best friends from home, visited!
  • Weinfest. Another typical German fest but instead of beer they serve bottles of wine. But more on that later.
  • Ich habe bestanden! I actually passed both my written and oral exam so I can eventually move on the Stufe 3. But for the moment I’m done with class and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how I go about learning German. I’m really happy to be done for the moment, but having no daily class and homework isn’t helping with that settled feeling.. I’m itching to find something new to do.
  • Marburg is such a quirky, peculiar little city. Three words: rubber duck race.
  • F and I decided to buy tickets to a traveling jazz concert that was stopping here at the university. It was really fun to hear New Orleans jazz (and speak to the Americans!) here in Marburg. We’re now on the hunt for a smokey, jazz club in the city.
  • Good ol’ Halloween. It’s definitely an under-appreciated holiday here in Germany, which made me miss the whole Chapel Hill tradition of choosing and designing an extravagant costume and strutting it down Franklin street. I was excited to find a last-minute Halloween party, but homesickness chose that day to strike. So I never made it out. Caitlin-1, Homesickness-1.

discussing median voter theory via sugar spoons

entenrennen morgen

creepin' kitty

backyard applepicking

view of the schloss

german pastries

Kaffee Waffel

marburger schloss IMG_5133

unconcerned cows

just a girl and her cat

applepicking in the sauerland

alice the kuh

a fall walk through marburg

baby cow visits

reunited at weinfest


1 year 7 months

rustige nagel

waiting for weinfest

roten stren

jazz concert-3

new orleans jazz comes to marburg


Does anyone else imagine the cat in the third picture is Professor McGonagall peering into the Dursley’s living room to watch the evening news?! Now that it’s November I can officially start the countdown until Marburg’s Weihnachtsmärkte go up! Just a few more weeks to go. How was everyone else’s October?


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