September im Rückblick

Where did September go? Though dominated by my daily, exhausting German course, all-in-all, September was a pretty nice month – definitely busier than I expected.

  • I’ve finally found and settled into a daily routine, which has finally made living in Germany feel like real-life. This is largely in part because of my exhausting – but very helpful – German course and my newly-discovered, just-say-something attitude towards speaking German. I will own you, Nebensätze!
  • Took a trip to the Marburg animal shelter and visited every single cat there.
  • Unpacked my sweaters and boot. Germany is experiencing the perfect fall weather right now – sunny, cool, and crisp – and I am enjoying every second of it. You never know how long it’ll last.
  • I stopped being lazy long enough to discover the Waggonhalle Flohmarkt. I also managed to negotiate the price for a table, cross Marburg Castle off my list of things to do in Marburg, and go flower shopping. All in a day’s work.
  • I bought my very own dirndl.
  • Thanks to Kate from The Lotus CreativeI was reunited with a Chipotle burrito and it was magical. It was full of Americans, like every American in Frankfurt hangs out at the Chipotle.

last traces of summer in Marburg

first burrito in four months






caesar die katze

oberstadt side streets



flowers in the farmers market


finds from the fleamarket


chipotle spotted

fall in marburg

cafe vetter

wilhelm II

view from the schloss

view of the schloss in erlehnring

stained glass in marburger schloss

running route

pfannkuchen und deutsch

oberstadt streets

oberstadt on a saturday

October – my favorite month of the year – is shaping up to be even better. I finally get to really wear my dirndl and not just pretend in the apartment, celebrate my birthday, and finish my German course – but not before exams. I’m also hoping to start figuring out whether it would be possible to take some kind of winter trip. Does anybody have anything excited planned for October, or this fall?


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