Utter Exhaustion: Surviving Week One of German Class

I survived the week. As sad as I am to say it, I fell right back into the swing of being a student. My week consisted of 7:00 AM alarms, four-hour German classes, forcing myself to speak German out loud (not in my head), German homework, and an early bedtime. I really don’t think there are enough hours in the day for this, especially since listening and thinking in German are exhausting. Seriously, I feel like I’ve been working out all day, every day. By the time I finish homework, we fix dinner and then there’s barely enough time for an episode of something on Netflix before I’m so tired that I just crawl into bed. One thing is for sure, I’m really going to have to become a better planner if I want to accomplish class and its requirements, blogging, exploring, traveling, and a morning run.

Despite the fact that I’m exhausted, the week wasn’t as bad as I thought. I got lucky. My class is full of funny, friendly people from all over the place. We currently spend the time before German class begins learning Nepalese, Chinese, Japanese, and Iranian phrases. Though we’re not great friends yet, we’re working on it. After class someone will shout out where they’re going – usually the Mensa – and others tag-along. Sure the conversations are in broken German and they’re awkward and sometimes quite difficult to follow, but I am determined to make myself a friend! I also really like our teacher. She’s nice, likes laughing, and uses German games to teach. Though the class didn’t quite grasp the concept of Taboo enough to make it a useful learning tool, it was funny to play nonetheless. One of my favorite results of the class is the special lunch time F and I now spend together once we both get home. It’s nice to just sit in the kitchen and talk and cook together before I have to think about what I need to do for tomorrow. An added bonus were the beautiful flowers he brought home on Friday “just because”.

"Just Because" Flowers

This weekend all I wanted to do was enjoy having nothing to do and it was glorious. I did have some tentative plans to visit the farmer’s market and the castle (I can’t believe I still haven’t visited it!) but of course, the weather was uncooperative and typically German. I was left with little desire to leave the house period, let alone do any exploring. Now I’m back to getting ahead on work for the week and dreading my 7:00 AM alarm and German class. On Friday I felt good – one week down and only five more to go. Saturday, I tried to think about class as little as possible. Today, I’m depressed all over again – seriously there are five more weeks of this? Today I’m just going to try my best to enjoy my last day of freedom before next weekend – and start working on my German essay. Ugh.

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6 thoughts on “Utter Exhaustion: Surviving Week One of German Class

  1. I can relate so much to this! When I started my Icelandic classes I would come home starving and exhausted! Learning and living in a foreign language is exhausting for sure. So glad I found your blog. Love a good international love story 🙂


    • And how did your classes go? Were they worth the effort and extreme exhaustion in the end? Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and I’ve really enjoyed learning about Iceland. I briefly stopped in Reykjavik on my way to Germany, but I would love to get a chance to visit again one day. From what I’ve seen in your blog, it seems beautiful!


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