Cafe Vetter on a Walk around Marburg

Cafe Vetter

The Oberstadt already feels quintessentially German, but Cafe Vetter takes you back in time. With its homemade cakes, generations-old recipes, and mismatched china, Cafe Vetter is a must for 4 o’clock coffee time. This cafe is legendary in Marburg for its Kuchen, Kaffe, and Frühstück. Perched on the roofs of the Oberstadt, with an incredible view overlooking the city, Cafe Vetter has been open since 1908 delighting tourists, students and local Marburger alikeWith its location at the absolute end of the Oberstadt, you can’t miss it.

Around 5:30 we stumbled into Cafe Vetter – finally after numerous attempts to catch it open (which is funny because it has very reasonable hours, 9-6 every day) – and were immediately greeted by a busy room and its cake- and chocolate-filled display cases. A place that serves me delicious cakes, chocolates, and extravagant ice creams with my coffee is worth a try for me.After settling on the Apfelkuchen, we found our seat by the window and ordered coffee, assuring our waitress we could be out of here by closing time.

Everything was delicious and lived up to its reputation. Cafe Vetter has earned a spot in my coffee shop rotation and I cannot wait to go back and try one of their breakfasts. I’ve only heard good things! So for visitors to Marburg, Cafe Vetter is a must-see – if not to sit and relax with a coffee then at least take a Kuchen for the road!

Kaffee und Apfelkuchen

Cafe Vetter restaurant

Final product

Cafe Vetter, located at Reitgasse 4, can be reached by taking a left off the stairs and elevators up to the Oberstadt and walking towards Universitätskirche. It’s open Monday – Sunday from 9:00am – 6:00pm, but weekends are pretty packed so plan accordingly.


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