Snapshots of August

Daily Parade of the Kühe

Here there are more cows than people.

Forests of the Sauerland

Early morning coffee

The worst thing that's every existed.

House painters for hire

Playing with my favorite little Kuh.

A typical Schützenfest layout as seen from the swings.

The horror that is an U-Boot

Fun on the Swings at Schützenfest


Soft Light in Liebfrauenkirche in Trier, Germany

Saving money by making pizza at home.

A tour in shadows.

Himbeereeis and the Liebfrauenkirche


Beautiful Church Door in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg's Ducal Seal

VW in Luxembourg's MUDA

Mary - Notre-Dame in Luxembourg

Back door to Luxembourg Cathedral

Dinner at Vivian's Pub in Metz, France

Greetings from Metz, France

Metz Cathedral Stained Glass

Winding streets of Metz, France.

Metz's Notre-Dame Cathedral

Feeding the swans in Metz, France

Famous Architecture in Place de St. Louis

Carolina Blue Door at Metz Cathedral

Marche Couvert in Metz, France

Tree scarves in Metz, France

Doorstep in Metz, France

Bourguignon Pastry Display Case


A view of Vianden, Luxembourg from the chairlift.

A view of Marburg

So that was my busy, busy month! Was your August just as crazy? Sometimes a picture is just as good as a thousand words – especially if the month was particularly exhausting, right? There are lots of new posts in the works (fingers crossed) but you can expect one from Metz and Vianden soon! Feel free to comment about any of the above pictures because I’d love to tell you more about them.



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